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Signer gradle plugin#

Sign APK's and AAB's(bundles) using in-house service.


Apply plugin to application module#

plugins {

Specify service host#

signService {

Register which buildVariants to sign#

signService {
        variant = android.buildTypes.release,
        token ="avitoSignToken")
        variant = android.buildTypes.release,
        token ="avitoSignBundleToken")

Variants not listed here will fallback to default Android Gradle Plugin signing mechanism

Disable to avoid signing#

signService {

Can be useful to disable signing in different builds by some condition

Plugin will generate tasks#

  • signApkViaService<Variant>
  • signBundleViaService<Variant>

Tasks will not be wired by the plugin to assemble. User should do it manually, configuring corresponding dependencies, e.g. dependsOn(signApkViaService<Variant>)

Local development behavior#

By default local development not impacted at all:
Typical assemble, install tasks won't add signer tasks as dependencies.

Signer tasks can be called locally, just don't forget to specify token as gradle property, like -PavitoSignToken=XXX

Relations with CiSteps plugin#

Signer tasks dependency implicitly wired in Artifacts collection steps of CiSteps plugin


Metrics (Internal Grafana)#

Signer service http calls data available under <namespace>.signer.sign.*.


Network call data posted right into exception message that failing the build.
It should be sent to service owners for investigation


Can't sign: /tmp/junit7019843706336345100/app/build/intermediates/apk/release/signApkViaServiceRelease/app-release.apk
Where : Signing artifact via service
You can learn more about this problem at
Cause exception message: Failed to sign /tmp/junit7019843706336345100/app/build/outputs/apk/release/app-release-unsigned.apk via service
Request: POST http://localhost:54801/sign
Request body size: 539997 bytes
Response: 404
Response headers:
Content-Length: 0
Response body is empty