Android in Avito #

Multiple projects live in two repositories:

  • Open Source repository (avito-tech/avito-android) - monorepo of all tooling to continuously test and deliver apps to users
  • Internal repository (closed source) - monorepo of all apps and shared libraries

Open Source repository #

Contacts: Telegram chat - English, Russian

All source code lives in subprojects/:

  • android-test - code that goes in androidTestImplementation configuration and runs on emulators
  • gradle - Gradle plugins and buildscript dependencies
  • common - shared code between android-test and gradle

More details - project structure

Besides these modules you will find:

  • ci/ and /*.sh - we follow IaC principle whenever possible. You can see docker images we use to abstract configuration of apps building and testing, as well as testing github project itself.
  • docs/ - documentation you see right now and code to deploy it automatically.
    How we document
    You could see links to “internal” resources that are not available for non-employees (
    It has been done on purpose to have single documentation and show the whole picture.

Closed source internal repository #