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How to start#

Project structure#

  • subprojects contains almost all source code divided by project modules

  • samples separate gradle project that includeBuild("subprojects") to iterate on changes fast and provide samples

  • ci/ and /*.sh - we follow IaC principle whenever possible. You can see docker images we use to abstract configuration of apps building and testing, as well as testing github project itself.

  • docs/ - documentation you see right now and code to deploy it automatically.
    How we document


Take a look at ./Makefile for useful commands/shortcuts

Build features to consider enabling#

  • env COMMIT_CHECK=true to run optimal amount of CI checks on git pre-commit hook
  • env CONFIG_CACHE=true to enable Gradle configuration cache for Makefile commands.
    You can also override it per command: make command CONFIG_CACHE=false.

Avito employees only#

  • Gradle remote cache for local builds
  • artifactoryUrl property in <GRADLE_USER_HOME>/ to download dependencies from in-house proxy