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Critical path#

Critical path is a set of tasks that define the build duration. The plugin gives a report with raw data.

It is very similar to what you can find in a build scan in Timeline tab: build scan - critical path

Getting started#

Apply the plugin in the root buildscript:

plugins {

criticalPath {
Setup plugins

In the settings.gradle:

pluginManagement {
    repositories {
    resolutionStrategy {
        eachPlugin {
            String pluginId =
            if (pluginId.startsWith("")) {
                def artifact = pluginId.replace("", "")

avitoToolsVersion could be exact version, or property in project's The latest version could be found on project's release page.

Run a build. You will get a report in build/reports/critical-path/ directory.


This report is auxiliary and is a subject of change.

        "path": ":lib:compileKotlin",
        "type": "KotlinCompile",
        "start": 1620217409525,
        "finish": 1620217409525

See also build trace for visualization.