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How to publish images to Docker Hub#

Previously we publish images to Now publication is at pause.

Automatization task MBS-8773

  1. Login to Docker hub:
    docker login --username=avitotech --password=...
  2. Download new image from private registry:
    docker pull <DOCKER_REGISTRY>/<repository>/<image>:<TAG>
    docker pull inhouse-registry/android/android-emulator-29:c0de63a4cd
  3. Set image the same tag but name for repository DockerHub:
    docker tag <SOURCE IMAGE> avitotech/android-emulator-<API>:<TAG>
    docker tag inhouse-registry/repository/android-emulator-29:c0de63a4cd avitotech/android-emulator-29:c0de63a4cd`

???+ info Unique tag gather from digest. Set it as tag, because digest in different registry could be different.

  1. Deploy the image to DockerHub:
    docker push <IMAGE>:<TAG>
    docker push avitotech/android-emulator-29:c0de63a4cd