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Build metrics#


This plugin is internal and not recommended to use.
See alternatives: Gradle Enterprise, Talaiot

How to start#

  1. Configuring the extension

    Set two mandatory properties buildType and environment. Without them plugin won't work

    buildMetrics {
        buildType.set("any string")
  2. Add mandatory gradle properties for statsd and graphite. See modules subprojects:gradle:statsd-config, subprojects:gradle:graphite-config

How to disable plugin#

Add project property

How to disable concrete metric sending#

In Gradle extension we have appropriate flag for each metric e.g.

    buildMetrics {


All metrics sent to graphite or statsd depending on our intention. Contact us for details.

What is the metric final path#

The final metrics path is constructed from:

  • namespace prefix
    • avito.stats.namespace for statsd metrics
    • avito.graphite.namespace for graphite metrics
  • plugin prefix. It's static and equal to builds
  • the unique metric path. Part which different for all metrics

We use tags. And all metrics will have build_type and env tags which you set up in extension.

What kinds of metrics does plugin send#

All actual kinds of metrics you could find by looking at BuildMetric inheritors.


Build cache#
  • Http build cache errors:

  • Remote cache statistics: Shows count of cacheable tasks that were requested from the remote cache. This is the same as Performance | Build cache | Remote cache | Operations | HitMiss in build scan.

Common build metrics#
  • initialization with configuration time in ms
  • total build time in ms
Tasks metrics#
  • Cumulative time of all tasks in ms
Slowest tasks#

These metrics give different aggregates for tasks to highlight the slowest ones.

  • top slowest concrete tasks
  • cumulative time of top slowest task types
  • cumulative time of tasks in top slowest modules
Critical path#

These metrics describe a critical path. To understand the critical path better read critical path docs.

Send tasks in the critical path in ms


Elapsed time from build start till Android app build task finished in ms


JVM metrics#

We send heap and metaspace used and committed memory in KiB.

This reflects what you can find by jcmd PID GC.heap_info.
All values are measured in Kb and sent as time metrics.

OS metrics#

Send used and total memory in KiB