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Build metrics#


This plugin is internal and not recommended to use.
See alternatives: Gradle Enterprise, Talaiot


buildMetrics {
    metricsPrefix.addAll("prefix") // optional

Disabling plugin#

Project property


All metrics can use common placeholders in prefix:

  • Namespace: statsd prefix from avito.stats.namespace property
  • Prefix: from metricsPrefix property
  • Build status: success | failure

All mentioned prefixes will be referred in docs as <...>.

Build cache metrics#

Http build cache errors:

  • <namespace>.[<prefix>].build.cache.errors.[load|store].<http status code>: errors counter

Remote cache statistics:

  • <namespace>.[<prefix>].build.cache.remote.[hit|miss]: remote cache operations count by environments.
    Shows count of cacheable tasks that were requested from the remote cache.
    This is the same as Performance | Build cache | Remote cache | Operations | HitMiss in build scan.

Common build metrics#

  • <namespace>.[<prefix>].id.<build status> (time in ms): initialization with configuration time
  • <namespace>.[<prefix>].id.<build status> (time in ms): total build time

Tasks metrics#

  • <namespace>.[<prefix>].build.tasks.cumulative.any (time in ms):
    cumulative time of all tasks

Slowest tasks#

These metrics give different aggregates for tasks to highlight the slowest ones.

  • <namespace>.[<prefix>].build.tasks.slow.task.<module>.<task type> (time in ms):
    top slowest tasks
  • <namespace>.[<prefix>].build.tasks.slow.type.<task type> (time in ms):
    cumulative time of top slowest task types
  • <namespace>.[<prefix>].build.tasks.slow.module.<module> (time in ms):
    cumulative time of tasks in top slowest modules


graph LR lib_KotlinCompile(:lib:compileKotlin - 2s) --> lib_bundleAar(:lib:bundleAar - 1s) lib_KotlinCompile --> app_KotlinCompile(:app:compileKotlin - 3s) app_KotlinCompile --> app_bundleAar(:app:bundleAar - 1s) lib_bundleAar --> app_bundleAar
  • .tasks.cumulative.any: 7s
  • 3s
  • .tasks.slow.type.KotlinCompile: 5s
  • 4s

Critical path#

These metrics describe a critical path. To understand the critical path better see a visualization in a build trace.

  • <namespace>.[<prefix>].build.tasks.critical.task.<module>.<task type> (time in ms):
    tasks in the critical path

JVM metrics#

<namespace>.[<prefix>].jvm.memory.<jvm process name>.[heap|metaspace].[used|committed] - in KiB

This reflects what you can find by jcmd PID GC.heap_info.
All values are measured in Kb and sent as time metrics.

OS metrics#

<namespace>.[<prefix>].os.memory.[used|total] - in KiB

Specific build events#

  • <namespace>.[<prefix>].id.<build status>.app-build.<module path>.<task name>.finish (time in ms): elapsed time from build start till Android app build task finished