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Remote Cache#


Currently available only for Avito employees via corporate network

Official docs

How to enable for local work#


Ask for GRADLE_CACHE_NODE_HOST in internal chat

Set environment variable GRADLE_CACHE_NODE_HOST

How to deploy#


Persistence volume not set, deleting a pod will lead to losing cache.

make deploy_gradle_cache_node

Upgrade base image#

  1. Look for GRADLE_CACHE_NODE_TAG in /Makefile.
  2. Change to a new version
  3. Publish new version to internal registry via make internal_publish_gradle_cache_node_image
  4. re-deploy


Official docs

Look into ci/k8s/gradle-remote-cache/

  • To alter node config: spec.initContainers.command
  • To alter JVM args: spec.containers.env.JAVA_OPTS

Deploy Avito internal node#

Same as github. Corresponding command: make deploy_avito_cache_node